Mission Statement

At HM Coordinator, “Social Media Services & Training”, our mission is to help small businesses grow substantially through the power of social media. We do this by using our considerable internet & social media skills to establish, manage, support, maintain and enhance the online presence of businesses through the vast power of Social Media.

We are determined to provide the highest quality services and to deliver excellence in everything we do, especially customer service.  We are devoted to the principles of integrity and value.

Heather McMahon - Owner HM Coordinator

Hi there!  My name is Heather McMahon and I am the owner of HM Coordinator.  Throughout my professional career of over 25 years I have been able to provide clients throughout Ontario with exceptional Promotion & Management Services as well as Training Development & Facilitation.  I am well known in several regions for being professional, competent, fun and friendly.

HM Coordinator focuses on a personalized approach to ensure that every HM project is planned and executed for maximum effect:  creatively, logistically, and financially to exceed each client's expectations.

We connect clients to customers! We offer SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!