Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

One of the first things i do with a new client is visit their website on my cell phone, if they have one, to see if it is mobile friendly.

Why?  Take a look at these numbers:

Stats taken from '2013 Mobile Growth Statistics'

  • 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone
  • 56% of people own a smart phone
  • 50% of mobile phone users, use mobile as their primary Internet source
  • 80% of time on mobile is spent inside apps
  • 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week also shares this with us:
  • About half of all smart phone users are between the ages of 25-45
  • 84% of people with smart phones use them to browse the web.

Think of the potential customers and clients that are missing you if your website is not available through a mobile device!  I mean totally available.
I've come across websites of clients where the site comes up on a mobile device but some of the links don't work or can't be viewed or some of the images are missing, which also can include a block of text that has been inserted as an image.  This means a critical loss!

It takes only seconds for someone visiting a website to get frustrated if links don't work, pages don't open or they have difficulty maneuvering around the website because some of it is missing...or appears to be missing, causing confusion.  In this case most people will not return to the site. There goes a potential customer!
There is so much information readily available for us online so if we can't find what we need within seconds we move on.  And we can!
Personally, i very rarely use anything other than my iPhone to search, shop, email, update social media sites and so much more and when i do,  i only wait a few seconds for a website or link to take me to where i want or need to be before i give up and move on.  That means that all of those tweets that i have tried to open where the link either didn't work or took for everrrrrrrrrr to open, including websites;  i've gone ahead and hit the big fat 'x'    and moved on to the next thing.
 A website that doesn't launch quickly or in a manner that i can search around clearly doesn't get more than 10 to 20 seconds of my time, if that, and there are millions of people doing the same as i am.  So please, check your website or have someone check it for you to see if it can be viewed clearly, completely and ensure that all of your images can be viewed and that all of your links are working.

If not, then chances are that your website was not set up to be viewed on a mobile device and you will find that there will be a bit of a surprise to have this implemented, but, if you are serious about your business and growth, it will be well worth the cost!
NOW is the time for your website to be mobile friendly because if it's not, you are already being left behind in the dust (See former post 'What a Social Media Manager Can Do For You'

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Monday, April 14, 2014

What's Your Social Media Style?

Prospective clients have asked how we determine the style in which we communicate when posting on behalf of our clients on 'their' social media channels.

Here is my answer:

On my social media channels, including this blog post, is where, in the words of Wanda Sykes, "I'ma be me".  This is my opportunity to be me, to share with the world not only my thoughts, expertise, experiences and services but just as importantly, who i am as a person.  This is where i can let my personality shine, be honest, and open in my communication so that others have the chance to get to know who i am. (Note:  Some of my marks include using lower case 'i', lots of exclamation marks and smiles in my writing).

Through our own initial communication with each client via telephone, email, and face to face conversation, we get a feel for who our client is even before discussing with them the type of image they would like to display in their social presence.  Up until now the clients that we have posted on behalf of have been what we refer to as being either professional or business casual, but that doesn't mean that we are not open to taking on clients whose communication style is somewhat...different.
Have you noticed that we live in a society today where what many of us may have known to be inappropriate or obscene language is no longer perceived as being unacceptable in many cases?  Like it or not we have reached a time in our world where there is a following for every style of communication, which means for many of our potential customers and fellow business owners, there is no such thing as inappropriate or offensive language.

The days of 'Good Morning' and the extended hand for a hand shake have been replaced with 'Hey' and the nod of a head in many instances.  Is that a bad thing?  Remember, social media is about allowing our prospective clients and customers to get to know us for who we are as well as what we can do for them because people in the world today want to 'connect' with us on a level they are comfortable with, with people they can relate to.  Social Media allows others to know and choose who they are doing business with.

So what does all of this mean? It means that we believe if you have something to say, no matter what your communication style, there is a crowd throughout the world who will appreciate what you're saying and how you're saying it and we would be happy to represent you on your social media channels!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What a Social Media Manager Can Do For You

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More and more I'm finding the opportunity to educate small businesses about the importance of Social Media not only for growth but plain and simply,  to remain in existence.

I have no doubt in my mind that if you are not riding the bandwagon or running along side to be pulled on board at this very moment that it will only be a matter of time before that wagon has left you in the dust.

Trust that your competitors, yes even those and especially those new entrepreneurs down the road have either welcomed Social Media for business into their marketing strategy or are very close to doing so.
Five years ago I wasn't on Twitter, never used Facebook for business, had never Blogged, Pinned, posted to Foursquare or developed a YouTube video.  I can share with you that i felt all of this was being pushed on me and it was.  It was the world of technology pushing and i was pushing back... that is until i listened and asked questions and truly saw for myself that my business of offering event production, program development and training was suffering because i was not networking in the right places...on line.

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Twenty years ago, i worked to gain business through cold calling and was extremely successful, ten years ago i incorporated email campaigns into my sales strategy because that's the way the world of selling was at and again  i was extremely successful.  In today's society, email campaigns do not work because the general population spends less time on email so they can spend more time on  'immediate' conversation through Social Media.  The history of cold calling as i knew it is gone and my time of cold calling is now done online through Social Media engagement and yes, it is proving to be very successful.

Having said all of that i did find myself scrambling for time to not only learn and stay on top of the changes in technology and social media while also executing my own online marketing strategy and trying to operate my business,  so i weighed it all out.  I took a good look at my strengths and re-shaped the services i offer to eliminate the event production and evolved the program management and training facilitation part of my service to help other business owners with their own Social Media strategy and execution.

Today I teach businesses how to use Social Media as well as offering the services of initial set up and/or management of their sites because i understand that it takes time to learn, execute and oversee these effectively.  I understand as a business owner the time it takes to operate and stay in business and the many ways we more often than not, feel pulled in too many directions.  I want to be the solution to business owners allowing them to have a sense that they can do what they love to do and are great at doing, rather than stressing about the 'not-so-new age' and ever changing marketing musts of Social Media.

I've seen and heard the panic from those i meet because they've heard about or see their competitors down the road and across the nation who are using Social Media for promotion.  The biggest challenge i constantly listen to is 'I have no time to learn it' and 'I have no time to do it'.  Not to mention the individuals that say 'I have no desire to learn it'.  Needless to say after the first few minutes of speaking with those individuals i have heard 'Wow, are you a sight for sore eyes!' and that is what my business is all about.  Allowing another business owner to breathe that sigh of relief knowing that i can help them by removing that burden, the thought of knowing how to do Social Media and the thought of doing Social Media, from their shoulders.

"There is no excuse for you not being in the bandwagon yourself. If you want to continually grow your business every year with the goal of higher profits and better ROI's, then you need to be in that cart. Most importantly, you need to be sitting in the cart as strategically as possible so your customers don't mistake you for luggage!

Just because your 15 year old niece has a Facebook account doesn't mean she could (or should) create your own businesses fan page. Hire a professional. Your goal should be to have a better social presence than all your competitors. Better website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Hiring someone who has extensive knowledge on the platforms best suited for your business will benefit you enormously. Social media is so constantly evolving, that you want a professional handling yours that you know is up to speed with the latest tools, platforms, & strategies."  Why Businesses Should Hire a Social Media Manager

One last thing i'll mention, only because i had someone recently ask if i 'just put the name of the business, their address and hours of operation on Facebook and Twitter.'   That is what a website is for.  Social media is for learning from our customers, educating our customers while attracting new customers and about interaction to build lasting relationships.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Facebook Maintenance Does Not Need To Be Restricted To Just One Person

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Creating a Social Media Strategy for your business, or if you are managing social media on behalf of other businesses  like we do, allows us to expand and keep our wits about us.

One tip is to allow an additional page administrator on Facebook to post and engage so that content and conversation is interesting and current.

Facebook allows us to utilize it's channel to promote our businesses in a number of ways. All we have to do is know how.

Check out this article by "How to Use Facebook for Business"

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Our clients appreciate that they can operate their business doing what they do best
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For those businesses and professionals who wish to learn and manage their own Social Media channels
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Social Media A Must For Business in 2014!

...Investment in Social Media Will Become a Necessity, Not a Luxury

(taken from The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014 )

Businesses are already coming to terms with the need to integrate their social media efforts with their content strategy, and are seeing the impact of social media in terms of lead generation, referral traffic, and revenue.

As businesses see these very real and measurable benefits, I believe we’ll see a move away from assigning social media tasks to existing employees, and see even more companies hiring social media strategists or full-time social media managers.

The benefits of social media are many, but they include:
  • Improved social signals (which are a factor in the search ranking algorithm).
  • Company branding
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Word-of-mouth advertising
  • Increased customer loyalty and trust
  • Improved audience reach and influence

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Implement changes to increase profits

What We've been up to!

HM Coordinator offers a direct and precise approach which encourages thinking, planning and acting.

 We help businesses, organizations and professionals:

  • implement necessary changes to increase profits

  • focus and re-focus

  • set goals

  • develop plans

  • streamline tasks

Why we can do this:

  • With twenty plus combined years of experience in sales we have developed professional working relationships with individuals, groups and businesses.

  • As facilitators of programs and training ranging from social media, computer software, customer service and work readiness programs, we have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses develop and grow their skills, task force and increase their customer database.

  • Having more than ten years experience managing programs, people, and producing events we understand the importance of developing and implementing a plan to reach a goal.

  • Overall,  we have had many opportunities to be the eyes, ears, face and voice of many partnerships.

‘Without a plan we float like a dandelion gone to seed...
until we land sometimes someplace we’d rather not be’ …HNEMM

 Who we've worked with:

  • Businesses realizing the need for Social Media marketing.

  • Rapidly growing businesses who have forgotten to take time to re-establish a plan

  • Businesses who wonder why they don’t have return and loyal customers

  • Innovative businesses that have the right ideas but no clear focus

  • Entrepreneurs who try to ‘do it all’ because they don’t know what their options are

  • Staff who don’t know who their customers are

  • Businesses and Entrepreneurs who don’t know how to ‘get the word out’


How we help:

  •  By listening, watching, implementing and reviewing



  • We offer a one-hour free consultation followed by a written estimate of time and costs required to help you, your business or your organization become more lucrative.


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Monday, December 10, 2012

What Do You Do With An Idea?

Implement your idea!

Launch an event, invent a product, start a business or develop a program. Whatever it is, do something with your idea!

Corporations, Associations and Businesses hire me to help them define a clear strategy to reach a goal or vision, whether i implement and oversee the entire program or event, or just work with them as a consultant part way through.

So, what is it that you need to do once you decide to move forward with your idea?  Set a goal of what you want to achieve.  For example, Who is it that you want to benefit from what you are doing?  And, how do you want them to benefit?

Once you decide these two things; who and how, you can move forward to develop your action plan or strategy, to make your vision or goal come to life.

When i first meet with a client to plan an event,or develop a program, they share their vision or goal(s) with me to identify who they want to impact and how they want to impact them.  Sometimes they've already decided on a few elements or pieces within their plan but do not have a clear strategy in place to bring everything together.  It's my job to ask the right questions in order to understand what steps need to happen in order for their goal(s) to be met successfully.

A strategy is just a plan or the steps that must be taken in order to reach an end result.  And with a plan, YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING!!

For myself, working backwards from the date of the event helps me to develop my plan.  First, I need the date or at least an approximate date that the event will take place and then i can move forward to outline all the pieces and partners that are required to make this initiative come together perfectly.  It's really just creating a map to get to where you want to go.  With experience, we learn the things that need to be done within a certain time-frame and in a certain order.  You've done it before.  It's prioritizing the steps you need to take so that your end result comes together successfully.

For instance, if I am organizing an event and don't have a date in mind for it and then i go ahead and contact a venue, the place to hold the event, or perhaps i contact a celebrity or caterer as a partner for the event, these people will not be able to confirm their participation with me if i am unable to give them a date because they work around other commitments within their own schedules and calendars.  As another example, i wouldn't be able to develop a website or registration for an event if i haven't identified what activities will be offered during my event or determined how i want my registrants to pay for the event. You get the picture.

Writing a business plan to start a business or launch a new product is very similar.  It is your map to where you want to go with your idea.  You need a plan and once you start documenting the steps or pieces of your plan, it WILL come together.  Now that doesn't mean that you will put your plan into place and then it will never change because it will.  Plans change and you must be flexible to change with them...embrace change, as i've written in a former post Entrepreneurial Success...EMBRACE CHANGE.  Whether it is a business you are opening, an invention you've come up with, or an event you are organizing, your plan will evolve and that's ok, trust me..

Ok, so now that you have your idea, your who's and your how's identified and your strategy or map has been developed to make your idea come to life, i want to offer you some really great advice...

Are you ready?

Please do not allow anyone else to direct your future.

What i mean is, there will always be someone out there that you will share your wonderful idea with only to have them say something negative about your vision.  No matter how passionate you are, how well you've laid out your plan, how confident you are that you will succeed, there are people out there that will feel the need to say something negative, to burst your bubble so to speak.  Not because they are nasty people, but because they just don't get it.  Everyone has ideas and anyone can bring an idea to life but, not everyone will try.

Here's what happened when i told someone very dear to me that i was opening my own event planning company.  I was so excited, so passionate, had my plan and knew that i would do it, without even the slightest hesitation I knew that i would succeed and the response that came back was, "Do you really think people will pay you to organize an event for them?"  If i had allowed that person to direct my future at that time by letting them instill doubt in my mind about my idea just because they doubted it, i would not be here right now organizing events on behalf of so many others, producing my own programs, nor writing this blog.

At this point if you are going to move forward with your idea, i'd like to suggest that you read my blog post titled 'Is Duplicating An Event a No No?'   I go into detail about researching what's already out there, what's been done and this is a great place to start when considering implementing an idea:)

Now i'm hoping that i've convinced you to move forward with your idea, your plan, your timeline schedule, your determination and your passion and if i have, i'd like to volunteer to listen or guide you along the way and it would be my pleasure to share what i know and help someone else succeed.  You know where to reach me.

And now...May the force be with you!